SandBox Critters

Are you an animal lover? Are you one of those special people who feel a beachwalk is enhanced by a canine companion? Got pets and cuddles to spare? If so, you are my favorite kind of guest.

We Love Dogs at the SandBox!

The doggy door is a panel that can be easily inserted in either slider. I keep it stashed against the wall in the master bedroom -- let me know if you need help installing it. This panel will allow a small/medium sized dog to go in or out at will while keeping the air-conditioning inside.

There is also a very poofy doggy bed in the loft closet (as well as some foam pads that are actually for small people to sleep on). And if you poke around in the kitchen you will find a doggy food/water bowl as well.

The back deck has a gate (marked "private") with stairs that lead down into the fenced back yard. Generally, I keep the gate closed as I live downstairs and have dogs of my own who feel somewhat proprietary about the yard. They have access through their own doggy door in my (downstairs) back door.

So if your dog gets along with my dogs, we can open the gate and give him/her access to the yard. If not, we can keep the gate closed and just let them glare at each other through the bars.

Dog-Friendly Beaches?

All South Padre Island beaches are posted with signs advising you that your dogs must be on leashes at all times, and that you must clean up their poop. That is the official line.

These rules are enforced on a complaint-driven basis. If your dog offends someone to the point where they call the law into the matter, you and your dog could be in trouble. As a person who has lived in the same place with multiple dogs, some of whom love to run free on the beach, this is my advice (which I will deny if you quote me ;-):

At certain times of the day/night, when there are few if any people AND NO OTHER DOGS walking the beach, you can in fact get away with letting your dog run free. If code enforcement sees you, you will probably get a ticket or at least a warning. But code enforcement can't be everywhere at once, right?

And if your dog poops in someoneís yard or along the sidewalk or in the middle of a parking lot, please pick it up and dispose of it properly. Note that the vacant lot across the street is watched over by its eagle-eyed owner and he will take it out on me if he sees your dog pooping there.

A Cautionary Tale

I had a group of very nice people stay here that brought 4 dogs with them. The first night they were in town they left the dogs on the north deck while they went out partying. The minute they left the dogs started howling and crying and barking - and the sound reverberated for blocks around. I was very worried about disturbing my neighbors so I discovered I could quiet them by sitting on my front porch and talking to them. I had to do this for almost 2 hours before the owners returned. I was not very happy about this.

I can tolerate a lot of noise when it is generated by people having fun -- but I have discovered that I have a very low tolerance for noise created by a distressed dog.

Critter-Sitting at the SandBox

My work as a master sand sculptor requires me to spend a lot of time on the road/in the air which makes it hard on my animals. Sometimes my favorite housesitter - Raybo - is available -- but not always. I have a great group of friends who cheerfully assume critter-sitter duties when they can, but I worry I may be asking too much of them at times....

You see where this is going, don't you?

Essentially, I may be willing to discount rental fees in return for supplemental critter-care. Read on to see what the job entails, and if you believe you could handle the duties and the dates happen to coincide with a period when I will be out of town, we may be able to work a deal to our mutual benefit.

My Current Critter Roster

Peach - is 35 pounds of fuzzy love. She is a rescue dog from the local shelter and she loves to be around people. She has unrestricted access to the back yard via a pet door where she can do her business if need be; however, she loves going for walks on the beach or even just around the block. Given the slightest bit of encouragement, she will adopt you.
But you can't take her home with you ;-)

Rocket - my newly adopted small back-up dog. He is a happy happy little guy who is initally wary of strangers but very curious and friendly once he gets to know you.

Ripple Cat - You probably won't see much of this kitty unless you have been assigned the task of feeding her and cleaning her litter box. She doesn't much care for the great outdoors and seeing as how her more adventuresome predecessor - the dearly beloved and sadly missed "Pip" - got squashed by a truck at a very tender age, we are happy Ripple likes to stay inside.

If you are able/willing to assume partial or total responsibility for my animals, please mention this when you email me and we will talk.




Ripple & Peach

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